Group Trail Rides with Jeff Lenosky



All beginner to advanced mountain bike riders ages 10+ who are looking to improve their bike handling skills! *Riders must have some prior trail riding experience.


Your chance to ride with and learn from a legendary Pro Mountain Biker! 


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Beginner to Intermediate Trail Ride   @ 10 am (Approx. 1.5 hrs)

Intermediate to Advanced Trail Ride @ 1 pm (Approx. 2 hrs)


FSTF Booth next to The Trailhouse

Pro Tips & Tricks to Make You a Better Rider

As part of the 16th Annual Fat & Skinny Tire Festival, Jeff will be leading two no-drop mountain bike riding clinics on the trails in Winona Lake.

Both rides are geared toward improving your bike handling skills over various trail features. The groups will stay together at a cruising pace for the entire ride, and Jeff will stop at multiple spots on the trails to give individual riders specific instructions and review each one’s riding style as we “session” each trail feature.

The riding clinics are free, but registration is required. Pre-register now and learn to ride like a pro!  

*Rides are open to ages 10+ and riders must have experience riding mountain bike trails.


Jeff is a world-class freeride and trials mountain bike rider with three trials national titles under his belt and the world record for the bunny hop on a full-size mountain bike. He now puts his skills to the test by riding “unrideable” trails around the country on his mountain bike in his video series Trail Boss. Check out his You-Tube channel below! 

Registration is closed for the Jeff Lenosky rides, but don’t worry—you can still register on-site in the Info Booth next to The Trailhouse! Be sure to register at least an hour before your ride departs. We’ll see you there!